Feral Cat Management Program. When Paw Prints was formed in 2004, several of the organization’s founders were also very active in local feral cat trap-neuter-return efforts. They felt that the Triangle area had a number of low-cost surgical resources for feral cat programs but very little was being done to help manage colonies during and after the trapping and surgery phases. In fact, a much larger amount of resources is needed in the post-surgical phase of a trap-neuter-return program with respect to volunteer hours to provide food, water and shelter to the cats and funds to purchase cat food. For these reasons, feral cat management was included in the mission statement of the organization. Paw Prints currently manages a number of feral cat colonies in the Garner/South Raleigh area. Management includes providing food and water daily, trapping, sterilizing and vaccinating cats, pulling friendly cats and kittens for possible adoption, and managing major health and end-of-life issues. Over the years, the number of cats living in these colonies has steadily decreased either through attrition or adoption. The quality of life for the cats has stabilized and improved. The introduction of new cats to the colonies – either due to abandonment or breeding – has decreased as well. The goal of the program is to eventually reduce the size of these colonies to as close to zero as possible. Contact us if you would like to become part of our feral cat feeding team or would otherwise like help with the Feral Cat Management Program!

For more information, contact us at info@pawprintsrescue.org or by telephone at 919.772.9107.