All Paw Prints dogs and older puppies are: (1) heartworm tested (and negative unless otherwise noted) and on heartworm prevention; (2) vaccinated appropriate to their age; (3) sterilized; (4) treated for internal and external parasites; and (5) microchipped. Unless otherwise noted, our adoption fee for dogs and older puppies is $200 or two for $350, and the adoption fee for senior (7+ years) is $100.


DOB: 2/7/2017
Neutered Male
Chocolate w/White Staffordshire Terrier
Status: Available

Mojo is a young, goofy boy with a big smile! He came to Paw Prints severely emaciated, with no training and heartworm positive. Mojo has finished his heartworm treatment and is learning what it means to be a happy, indoor dog with a loving family! He walks beautifully on a leash and knows basic commands. He loves playing with other, confident dogs. He is great with cats and will shower them with affection. Mojo is also good with children, although he may knock over very small children when he gets playful. He gets bursts of energy and runs as fast as he can, stopping and starting randomly, which is hilarious to watch! If you would like to submit an application on Mojo or any other Paw Prints dog or cat, click here. (LR)


DOB: 5/15/2013
Spayed Female
Australian Cattle Dog Mix
Status: Available

Belle is a sweet dog who loves to be around people and other dogs. She likes cats too, but she tries to herd them so it might be best if she gets adopted into a family made up of dogs and/or sheep and people. She is housebroken and knows several commands. She is learning to go on walks on a leash and she is well-behaved. Belle is waiting and hoping to be your loyal companion. If you would like to submit an application on Belle or any other Paw Prints dog or cat, click here. (RT)


DOB: 8/24/2017
Neutered Male
Black/Brown Shepherd/Retriever Mix

Brucie is a happy, eager-to-please puppy who was rescued from a hoarder. He was found with 25+ other dogs in deplorable conditions--living under floorboards and in standing water. Paw Prints came to the aid of this pup when he was in a shelter. Now he’s living the good life in a foster home. Brucie loves the companionship of other dogs and even likes the cats; however, he LOVES, LOVES his humans. He’s a 37 lb. lap dog who just wants to be by your side. He’d be a wonderful family dog. He enjoys walks and runs in the yard. He’s got a very sweet temperment and will be your loyal friend. If you would like to submit an application on Brucie or any other Paw Prints dog or cat, click here. (DB)


DOB: ~2011
Neutered Male
Shih Tzu

This cute-as-a-bug's-ear little man lost his home when his owner passed away. He was passed around a bit until he landed in the loving arms of a Paw Prints volunteer's mother. She describes him as "perfect team player!" He likes other dogs and cats and is well behaved and house trained. A perfect little guy for the apartment dweller or the stay-at-home person in need of a companion. Max is spry, healthy and loving. He weighs in at 16 lbs. of love! If you would like to submit an application on Max or any other Paw Prints dog or cat, click here. (BW)


DOB: 3/18/2018
Neutered Male (soon)
Shepherd Mix
Status: Available Soon

Hi, my name is Ollie! I love to play and snuggle with my foster doggy sister or go outside and explore! My favorite place to sleep is on top of my foster sister or cuddled up on my foster mom's neck—I fit perfectly! I make the cutest noises, especially when I yawn! I am a little nervous in new situations but kisses and snuggles make everything better. When I run, I get the cutest little smile on my face that makes everyone laugh. My foster mom calls me "wiggle butt" because my whole body wags, and I hop around in circles when I get excited! I probably will not be bigger than 20 to 30 lbs. fully grown. If you would like to submit an application on Ollie or any other Paw Prints dog or cat, click here. (LR)


DOB: 10/20/2016
Neutered Male
Hound Mix
Status: Available

Thor is a bit of a mystery. We know where he came from, and we know how he was returned to us, but the time in between only he knows! At the end of April, we received a call from a high-kill shelter in Florida. A dog had been tied to a shed behind an abandoned house. Neighbors took care of the terrified dog for 3 weeks thinking the family would come back for him. When that didn’t happen, they called animal control. Thank goodness for microchips! They were able to trace Thor back to Paw Prints. And thanks to the cooperative efforts of Florida Urgent Rescue or FUR, Thor was pulled from the shelter and placed in foster care until arrangements could be made to get him back to Paw Prints . . .

THOR (continued)

. . . Initially, Thor was terrified — particularly of men. It was obvious he had not been treated very well. He quickly learned to trust his new foster parents and has learned basic commands, is crate trained, and gets along well with other dogs. He has also put on a few pounds. He is still a little nervous in new situations, but treats really help ease his fears! He is healthy and getting ready for his forever home. This big handsome hound mix weighs about 60 lbs. He likes being outside, but has quickly come to appreciate the joys of a dog bed and watching TV! If you would like to submit an application on Thor or any other Paw Prints dog or cat, click here. (BW)


DOB: ~12/1/2016
Spayed Female
Black Lab/Shepherd Mix

Remy is full grown at just 60 lbs, house-broken, crate-trained, leash-trained and super friendly with all people including kids. After just one month in foster care, Remy was allowed run of the house with her foster siblings -- 2 cats -- who gradually taught Remy how to play with toys. She's still learning how to make friends with other dogs, but she is already making progress. Remy has a very easy-to-please, go-with-the-flow attitude. A nap on the couch is her favorite activity, but she certainly LOVES to be outside, too. If you would like to submit an application on Remy or any other Paw Prints dog or cat, click here. (KN)